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Walmart WFS Vs Amazon Prime

Compared to other fulfillment services, Walmart’s WFS program is low-cost, fast, and helps businesses grow by reaching new customers. Sellers also get access to Walmart omnichannel capabilities such as the Free & Easy Returns program which no other 3PL service can offer.

Walmart also provides tools and teams that can help their partners make the best decision when it comes to team selection, brand offerings, and inventory forecasting, as well as phone or email support.

What Can You Do to Lift Seller Revenue with WFS?

The Walmart Fulfillment Services makes life so much easier for Walmart sellers. But just like anything else, success comes when both sides exert the same effort. As a seller, you can also increase your revenue and fast-track your store's growth with WFS.

One of the things you can do as a seller is to prioritize items and brands that are new to Walmart and select products that are priced competitively. When it comes to your page content, make sure that they are easy to navigate and high quality. Always provide enough inventory to meet your customers demands.

You can also join the Walmart Sponsored Products program to increase your item visibility on Walmart’s website. Just make sure that all your participating products meet the Walmart Marketplace guidelines. If you need any assistance with getting your campaigns set up, our PPC management service is an excellent choice.

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