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How to Optimize Walmart Listings

Having your product simply listed on is not enough to be on top, here’s how you can optimize your Walmart listings to ensure success.

Walmart is one of the top eCommerce destinations right now and sellers have a lot of opportunities to be successful on their platform. One of the first steps to successfully selling on Walmart is to make sure you understand what makes a great listing.

Just like every major eCommerce marketplace, Walmart has an algorithm in place to identify which items will show up for a particular search term. To rank above your competition, you need to optimize your listings to make them attractive to both customers and the search engine.

So, how do you do that? Here are some tips to better understand Walmart’s ranking system to increase your traffic and conversion.

Product Name/Title

The key is to keep your product name specific and unique. It should be at least 50 characters and no more than 75 for best desktop readability and SEO results. Walmart suggests the following guideline:

Brand Name + Size Group (if applicable) + Defining Quality + Item Name + Style + Pack Count

Product names should include the most popular keywords and anything the customers are likely to search for like color or size but do not include all variants in the title. To still sound natural, avoid "keyword stuffing."


  • Personal information about you or the company

  • Special characters

  • Any marketing phrases like "top-selling"

  • Referencing other marketplaces (Sold on Amazon, Alexa, etc.)

Product Description

Here you can emphasize specific product details to attract customers. There are three sections in the product description: the shelf description, short description, and long description.

A. Shelf Description

The shelf description is a bulleted list where you can highlight the advantages of your product. To optimize your Walmart Marketplace Listing, make sure to list three to five major benefits and provide useful information about the product. Avoid any grammar mistakes and include a few keywords in your content.

B. Short Description This section is right below the shelf description. The total number of characters allowed is from 500-1000 so the longer the paragraph, the better. When writing, try to use as many keywords as possible without sounding unnatural. Write clearly and include key phrases like the product name, brand, variants, and other terms customers may search for.

C. Long Description This is the biggest section on your product listing. This part should have 1000-4000 characters or at least 250 words. You can list down all the benefits and include some facts and tips about the product. Remember to keep your tone conversational and easy to understand.

Restrictions for all three product description sections:

  • Any special characters

  • Any sales information

  • Vague marketing phrases

  • Referencing other marketplaces (Sold on Amazon, Alexa, etc.)

  • Offensive language

Key Features (also known as Highlights)

Key Features are used to make it easy for customers to learn about your product. Each key feature should be descriptive and has the same information as the main description. Put the most important key features first and include as many keywords as possible.

Use this section to mention important information, technical specifications, and category-specific details but be careful not to be redundant with the main description. This is written in bullet point format and should have no more than 80 characters (spaces included).

Choosing the Right Images for Your Listing

You'll need enticing images to make shoppers want to click on your product - but make sure you have the right ones. Using professional images is the best choice because it establishes customer trust and increases the conversion rate.

Here are more tips when choosing images for your Walmart listings:

  • Use a minimum of four images (we recommend 6 to 7)

  • Include an image for every variant (color, size, etc.)

  • All photos must be brightly lit

  • Your hero image must be colored, on a white background, with no text or logos

  • Do not use placeholder images

  • Avoid offensive or obscene photos

  • Crop the image to eliminate excessive background space

  • Include background images with different angles of the product

By following these guidelines, a seller may expect an increase in SEO, revenue, and conversion. Walmart also provides other rich content features for Marketplace sellers that can help create a more engaging online experience and establish trust and loyalty between consumers and merchants.

Besides these, you still need to continually monitor your keywords, adjust prices, strive for positive reviews, and ship fast and on time, always. All these tasks may be a lot to handle, especially if you’re a new seller.

Signing up for an account management service can be a huge help. Let Sellcord handle the day-to-day challenges while you focus on running your business.

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