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Introduction to Walmart Ads

Walmart sellers looking to boost their sales and rankings can now take part in Walmart Advertising. Here's everything you need to know.

Aside from Amazon and eBay, Walmart is now also getting worldwide recognition in eCommerce because of its seemingly endless product categories. It’s now starting to be a go-to shopping destination and has been getting more than 120 million unique visitors per month. Because of this growth, tens of thousands of sellers started joining the platform just recently.

To rise above the competition, sellers and brands can join Walmart advertising to be discovered and to effectively match their products with shopper’s searches. Although is a relatively newer platform and their algorithm for SEO, advertising, and overall organic listing performance may still constantly change to serve their consumers better, they have been focusing on making sure their platform is growing. This only means that it’s inevitable that Walmart Advertising will get very competitive sooner than expected so the best time to join is now.

Amazon Advertising Vs. Walmart Advertising

There is a lot in common between Amazon and Walmart advertising. However, one of the biggest differences is that Amazon is now stuffed with ads. Over time, Amazon has offered more and more ad placements to the point where organic results are a minority on the first page for most common search terms.

While in Walmart, a lot of sellers have yet to discover the great benefits of Walmart ads so there are fewer ad placements and less competition. Organic results on the first pages of Walmart searches are at 80-90% still.

Another difference between Walmart & Amazon advertising is the cost-per-click. Amazon is currently one of the top 3 destinations for digital ad spend in the US and all this competition drives up the cost-per-click (CPC) prices. Meanwhile, Walmart is newer and has lower competition over ad real estate. If you have a lower budget, then Walmart may be the better choice because your budget can go further and brands will have an easier time winning the most popular search terms, achieving positive ROAS, and driving organic lift.

How Does Advertising Work on Walmart?

Walmart’s main advertising type is pay-per-click advertising or PPC. This ad type allows sellers to promote their products within the search results page on Walmart. Because it’s PPC, sellers will be competing against other sellers and will only pay when a shopper clicks on their ad.

There are three ways a PPC ad or Sponsored Product can appear on Walmart’s website.

  1. Search Results / Search in-grid Walmart allows very few slots for Sponsored Products on the first page of the search results. They’ve promised to fill no more than 2 slots with the most relevant sponsored results and reserve the rest for their organic results.

Use to:

• Promote relevant products

• Maintain market share for top-selling products

2. Sponsored Product Carousel Appears in multiple locations including search results, category browsing, and product pages.

Use to:

• Promote relevant products

• Maintain market share for top-selling products

3. Buy Box Banner Located on the PDP of the related products. It’s a premium placement awarded only to ads with the highest bids and relevancy scores.

Auto and Manual Campaigns

There are two targeting types for Walmart Ads - auto and manual.

Auto campaigns match your ads with consumer searches based on relevancy, which is determined by bid and product listing. Auto campaigns are great for understanding customer search behavior and discovering new keywords that can lead to conversions.

A manual campaign gives you control over which search terms you bid by manually entering keywords into those campaigns. Manual campaigns are great if you already have keywords that are proven effective.

In order to be successful, it’s best to use both campaign types simultaneously and strategically.

If you're already selling on Walmart or plan to sell on the website, then Walmart advertising needs to be a part of your business’s growth strategy. If you need help understanding what works and what doesn’t, our PPC management services can help you understand what’s best for your brand.

SellCord works with you every step of the way and will discuss your goals, then ask questions to gain a deeper understanding of your products and margins to determine your overall strategy. We will come up with a tailored approach that best suits your needs.

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