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The Different Types of Walmart Ads

Just like other advertising platforms, Walmart has several different placements for its Sponsored Products. Find out which placement is best for your campaign.

As Walmart’s numbers continue to increase, they are also continuously improving its tools. Ecommerce sellers can now take part in Walmart Sponsored Products, which can be a great way to increase brand visibility, boost conversions and help better understand their target audience.

With its three different ad types, Walmart Sponsored Products allows you to reach customers at the awareness, consideration, and decision stage of their buying process. It also establishes your brand in their minds and drives sales.

Here are the different types of ad placement in Walmart Sponsored Products:

1. Search in-grid Ad visible on search results, browse, category, and curated shelf. Ads appear on the first three pages of the search results. Available for both Automatic and Manual campaigns.

Use to:

• Promote relevant products

• Maintain market share for top-selling products

2. Carousels

The ad appears in the browse, category, curated shelf, the bottom of search results, and middle and bottom of product details through personalized modules "Customers Also Viewed", "Customers also Considered", and "Customers also Bought". Each carousel can hold a maximum of 24 products. This placement is offered through Automatic and Manual campaigns.

Use to:

• Promote relevant products

• Maintain market share for top-selling products

3. Buy Box Banner

A highly competitive placement. Sponsored Products can show up below this box on the product detail pages of relevant or complementary products. Available only for Automatic campaigns.

No matter what placement or campaign you choose, it's clear that the future of Walmart's online platform is bright. Getting into Walmart's advertising space while it's still new could be a huge advantage for your brand.

Advertising on Walmart is most successful when it’s attached to great products and well-developed product listings. But beyond Walmart Sponsored Products, there are plenty of other ways to increase your Walmart conversions. A great PPC management service like SellCord can also help guide your business into successful Walmart advertising.

SellCord has worked with a wide range of brands to find solutions for different advertising issues. If growth and expansion are your destinations, then hop on this train with us today!

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