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What are the Benefits of Using Walmart Fulfillment Services?

Logistics is often one of the biggest stumbling blocks for new sellers, but with WFS, shipping and inventory management can be a breeze.

Walmart Fulfillment Services (WFS) launched in February 2020. WFS is Walmart’s answer to Amazon’s FBA program to allow increased market share and sales.

If you’re a seller and want to become the next success story then you might find this program to be the best partner for growth. It’s an amazing program that allows sellers to focus more on building their brand and increasing their sales by eliminating almost all logistical headaches.

WFS allows sellers to store their products or inventories at Walmart fulfillment centers. From here, Walmart will be responsible for picking, packing, and shipping items to the customer on behalf of the seller. WFS also handles all customer support and returns for these orders. Sellers will have the confidence that their orders are being fulfilled quickly and accurately with outstanding customer support.

So far, WFS has proven to be a powerful tool for brands to increase their visibility and revenue. Data over the past years has shown tremendous growth in month-over-month Gross Merchandise Value and total sales of FBA sellers who have added WFS to their sales strategies.

Advantages of WFS

Cost-Efficient - One of the biggest key factors behind the growth of WFS is its cost-effectiveness. There are no membership fees or annual fees to be paid for by the sellers. The money they saved can be reinvested into their products or to increase their assortment.

Fast & Free Shipping for Customers - Customers can also save money through WFS. With just a minimum order of $35, they receive guaranteed free 2-day shipping. This makes it more open to a lot of customers and a better choice compared to other marketplaces.

World’s Largest Supply Chain Infrastructure - Although Amazon’s FBA has the benefit of time and experience, Walmart still leads when it comes to having greater storage and shipping capabilities.

Increase in Sales - Items in Walmart fulfillment centers receive TwoDay and Fulfilled by Walmart tags which give the seller store higher search rankings and better conversion. These stamps also help increase customer trust during checkout. An impressive statistic shows that there is a 62% sales increase between December 2018 marketplace sales and the 2020 WFS sales.

Winning the Buy Box - The benefits of WFS helps sellers win the Walmart Buy Box by enjoying higher placements in the search results. Statistics show an average sales lift of 30% compared to comparable products not fulfilled through WFS. Better Customer Care - With Walmart Fulfillment Services, your customers will get the best care possible because of the dedicated customer service provided by WFS. This ensures fast delivery, easy returns, and buyer satisfaction at all times.

Full Transparency for Sellers - Walmart tracks everything for sellers’ transparency. It tracks sales, shipping performance, and customer returns. Sellers can easily view metrics, edit listings, and manage price promotions and product updates in Walmart Seller Center.

How is the WFS Program Different from its Competitors?

Compared to other fulfillment services, Walmart’s WFS program is low-cost, fast, and helps businesses grow by reaching new customers. Sellers also get access to Walmart omnichannel capabilities such as the Free & Easy Returns program which no other 3PL service can offer.

Walmart also provides tools and teams that can help their partners make the best decision when it comes to team selection, brand offerings, and inventory forecasting, as well as phone or email support.

What Can You Do to Lift Seller Revenue with WFS?

The Walmart Fulfillment Services makes life so much easier for Walmart sellers. But just like anything else, success comes when both sides exert the same effort. As a seller, you can also increase your revenue and fast-track your store's growth with WFS.

One of the things you can do as a seller is to prioritize items and brands that are new to Walmart and select products that are priced competitively. When it comes to your page content, make sure that they are easy to navigate and high quality. Always provide enough inventory to meet your customers demands.

You can also join the Walmart Sponsored Products program to increase your item visibility on Walmart’s website. Just make sure that all your participating products meet the Walmart Marketplace guidelines. If you need any assistance with getting your campaigns set up, our PPC management service is an excellent choice.



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