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Start Earning More with PPC

A good PPC strategy is essential to your success on any e-commerce platform.

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Get a Head Start on the Competition

 Advertising on Walmart’s site and app can be a powerful tool when it is done right. The challenge with PPC is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Sellcord has worked with a wide range of brands to find solutions for their advertising issues, such as:

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No Time to Spend

on PPC

Saledify-Wireframe-Icons-Traffic Sale-01.png

Rising ACoS

Saledify-Wireframe-Icons-Limited Budget-01.png

Limited Budget


Competitors Overtaking

Top Placement


Lack of Expertise

Saledify-Wireframe-Icons-Average Sale-01.png

Mediocre Campaign Returns

With the Sellcord PPC team's assistance, you can:


Free Up Time


Optimize Ad Spend


Improve Rankings


Overtake Competitors


Drive Targeted Traffic


Boost Sales

Why Choose SellCord for PPC Management?

Making good use of Walmart Connect’s advertising solutions is one of the most important aspects of running an e-commerce business. Unfortunately, many sellers either ignore it or are unable to properly utilize the tools at their disposal, spending thousands of dollars with little results.

Our PPC management team has years of expertise in structuring and optimizing campaigns. We can help you improve brand visibility, launch new products, secure repeat customers, and grow your sales to new levels!

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