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A Quick Guide to Walmart's Flash Deals Program

But what exactly makes it so great? Even if the discounts cut into your margins, satisfied buyers can easily be converted into repeat customers, setting up your brand for future success. Participating in Flash Deals can be great for listing metrics too - Walmart customers value both the number of reviews and a product’s star rating, and drumming up sales through Flash Deals makes it easier to improve both to further establish

your listings on the marketplace.In this blog, we will delve into the details of Walmart's Flash Deals program and how it works.

Flash Deals Participation Agreement

Before sellers can access the Flash Deals dashboard and participate in the program, they must review and accept the Flash Deals Terms and Conditions. Admin-level users within the seller's account are responsible for accepting these terms. The agreement sets the ground work for participation in the program and ensures that sellers adhere to Walmart's guidelines and requirements.

Key Guidelines for Successful Flash Deals Submissions

To increase the chances of approval for Flash Deals, sellers should

adhere to the following general guidelines:

Submitting Items for a Flash Deals Campaign

Sellers can participate in a campaign by selecting "Submit" in the Flash

Deals Guidelines popup or in the Enrollment column of the Flash Deals

Grid. They can submit items in three ways:

Automatic Promo Price Update

Walmart will automatically update the promotional pricing for

approved items, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for

customers. The lowest promotional price, either submitted by the

seller or part of a holiday campaign offer, is presented to the customer.

After the campaign ends, item prices revert to their original levels.

Feedback for Submitted Items

The Flash Deals dashboard provides automatic feedback for attributes

that need adjustment for a successful Flash Deals submission. Sellers

an view their submitted items, their status, and any comments from the

Walmart Flash Deals team. This feedback system allows sellers to make

necessary improvements for better chances of approval.


Walmart's Flash Deals program, offers sellers an exciting opportunity to

boost sales and attract more customers by promoting deeply

discounted items on By adhering to Walmart's guidelines

and requirements, sellers can maximize their success in Flash Deals

campaigns, drive conversions, and provide customers with quality

products at unbeatable prices. This program showcases Walmart's

commitment to fostering a mutually beneficial relationship with its

marketplace sellers.



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