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Walmart Refunds: Why You Might Be Leaving Money on the Table

As a third-party seller on Walmart's marketplace, you work hard to source, ship, and manage your merchandise. However, issues can arise that lead to financial losses through no fault of your own. Many sellers are unaware that Walmart offers refunds in these situations

Don't leave money on the table by missing out on reimbursements you may be entitled to! In our experience, these are the most common types of refund opportunities that sellers often overlook

When shipping inventory to Walmart warehouses, there can sometimes be discrepancies between what you sent and what they received. For instance, they may have noted receiving only 90 units when you clearly shipped 100. Bringing Walmart's attention to these inbound shipment differences can get you fully reimbursed for the missing items. Carefully track and document what goes out the door to claim reimbursements when appropriate

On rare occasions, items get lost or misplaced while in Walmart's custody. Whether due to warehouse processing errors, damage, or misplaced storage, you shouldn't be penalized financially in these scenarios. If Walmart cannot locate units they previously reported receiving, file claims to recover reimbursements

Physical damage can occur during shipping or warehouse handling too. Sometimes items get accidentally crushed or destroyed. Other times, liquids may leak during storage or get disposed of improperly. Whatever the reason, if Walmart damages your products while in their possession, you have valid grounds for reimbursement. 

When customers request refunds, you risk taking a hit if the claims are invalid or fraudulent. However, arguing your case to Walmart can get certain illegitimate returns dismissed. For example, missing orders never received due to porch piracy or extra items sent back shouldn't qualify. Successfully disputing bogus returns lets you avoid refund penalties

Walmart Fulfillment Services charges various fees for storing, processing, and shipping sellers' merchandise. However, errors can happen where you get overcharged. For instance, weight or dimension discrepancies may lead to inflated storage fees. By catching fee mistakes early and disputing promptly, you avoid losing margins

Routine inventory counts and removals of aged stock also pose financial risks. If Walmart incorrectly adjusts your inventory quantities downwards, you may experience phantom losses. By reconciling your internal records with theirs regularly, you can identify erroneous adjustments for products still in stock. Seeking corrections restores an accurate inventory position

Finally, improperly categorizing items can increase fees significantly in some cases too. Different categories have different fee structures. For example, consumer electronics only have an 8% referral fee, but electronics accessories have a 15% referral fee on sales prices up to $100. Meanwhile, video game consoles have an 8% fee but video games themselves are charged at 15%. You can see where there might be room for confusion and mistakes

Numerous issues can arise when selling through Walmart that results in financial losses through no fault of your own. Don't assume reimbursement opportunities don't exist. By knowing what to look for and disputing promptly, you may uncover hundreds if not thousands of dollars in potential refunds. Keep detailed records, monitor your account closely, and don't leave money on the table! 

But we understand that a lot of sellers don't have the time to track down these missed opportunities, which is where we come in. At Refund Stacker, we recover overlooked reimbursements for third-party marketplace retailers, putting cash back in your pocket. As experienced sellers ourselves, we know exactly what to look for across various scenarios from damaged goods to incorrect fees. Let our team of expert auditors take over the tedious legwork of processing claims while you focus on growing your business. 

Our proprietary auditing software combined with human insight helps uncover reimbursement opportunities you may miss while handling day-to-day operations. By syncing your Seller Center account, Refund Stacker's algorithms get to work identifying potential issues. We dig into the details across order disputes, inventory adjustments, inbound shipping discrepancies, and more. Our team then verifies errors before pursuing reimbursements on your behalf directly with Walmart

The Refund Stacker process takes the complexity out of seeking your rightful refunds. It's done in three easy steps - and only the first one requires your input! We'll take care of everything else

Refund Stacker operates on a success-based model, only collecting a commission when we secure you a reimbursement. Recover overlooked funds while freeing up your schedule to acquire more customers and boost revenues

The more you sell, the more we can potentially save you from third-party marketplace errors. Contact us today to start recovering lost profits



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