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Walmart & What Is OGP at Walmart? Meaning, Benefits, & FutureRetail News

The most successful Walmart suppliers have products that are compliant with IOPD. This acronym simply means that a product is available to customers In-store as well as Online. If a customer wants the product without entering a Walmart store, the product must also be available for store-side Pickup or home Delivery.

The pickup part of this acronym has seen the most growth and evolution over the last few years. It started as separate fulfillment centers and pickup destinations for Walmart shoppers. Today, Walmart stores fulfill the online orders and have designated areas of the parking lot for customer pickup.

For those who still want to go to Walmart for groceries but want someone else to grab the items and load their car, Walmart OGP is a successful and time-saving tool.

What Is OGP at Walmart?

OGP at Walmart means online grocery pickup. The OGP service at Walmart allows customers to order their items online and then drive to their local Walmart store to pick up their orders without having to leave their car.

OGP Benefits for Consumers

Part of Walmart’s on-going strategy is looking for ways to serve the consumer better: better than it has before and better than its competitors! The OGP program provides many benefits for the Walmart customer:

Growth Through Convenience

Walmart OGP eliminates two things that can kill a sale: physical limitations and delivery charges. For example, if a customer wants to purchase a 40-pound bag of dog food, they may be physically unable to carry it out of a Walmart store and load it in their car. At the same time, if free delivery is not offered, fees to deliver larger items ordered online can be expensive. OGP allows the customer to purchase larger items without having to haul them out of a store or pay high delivery charges. This can draw more consumers to a supplier’s items.

Consumer Data

It is much easier to track consumer data through the information they provide in online orders. Suppliers can understand who is using Walmart OGP, how their market baskets can differ from an in-store shopper and their shopping/pickup preferences. This data can be used to help suppliers plan for future product designs and case pack alterations to align with the OGP shopper habits.

Target Marketing

Because the OGP customer is ordering online, how they place their order is key. MediaVision2020 did a study of OGP orders placed over weekend peak times. Cross-device activity rose to over 60%. That means orders were being placed not just on mobile phones, but also tablets and laptops. That research can help suppliers understand where to advertise at times when their customer is online using a given device. As MediaVision suggests, “Mobile-only shopping campaigns and campaigns built around OGP app usage will miss a significant opportunity during these OGP stock-up sessions.”

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